Why you should take a chance on winning the lotto


Why you should take a chance on winning the lotto

All of us dream of fabulous riches but so few of us are willing to take a chance. In fact, many of us heard the warning “don’t take any chances!” From an early age. And so we grow up playing it safe. If it is not a sure thing, stay away! Don’t take a chance! We even have a derogatory name for people that are willing to take a chance: chancers. The simple truth is that if you do not take a chance, at least once in a while, you will never, not in a million years, realize your fondest dreams.

Life is, in fact, all about taking a chance

Unwittingly, we do this all the time. We take a massive chance when we choose a spouse, accept a business opportunity, change jobs and even when we try a new dish. Change depends upon you taking a chance.

When it comes to untold riches there are very few options open to the average person. How many people do you know that became fabulously rich through working long and diligently? How many rich people do you know that inherited a fortune? No, your best chance of becoming truly rich is to enter one or more of the massive European and American lotteries.

Legal Lotteries

Entering these huge lotteries is legal for South Africans. You simply register and start entering your favourite lotteries. There are no guarantees that you will win big prizes, but consider this: somebody must win; somebody will become rich after almost every draw. Why can that somebody not be you? Every player stands an equal chance.

When you take a chance on winning a giant lotto you are not taking a terrible risk. Entries are affordable. The USA Megamillions cost just $1.00 for two entries. For €2.00 you can enter the massive Euromillions lotto. So, why not take a chance and who knows, you may just become one of the world’s super-rich overnight.

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