What would you do to watch the world cup live?

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Imagine being at the Rugby World Cup …

The rugby world cup has just kicked off and millions of South African fans are looking forward to seeing the best of the best fight it out for the number one spot. The Springboks are widely recognized as one of the best teams in the world at any given time. Beating them is a major achievement for any other team. South Africans are proud of their team and the rugby world cup always plays an important role in bringing wildly diverse fans closer to each other.

Where will you be watching the world cup matches?

Watching the world cup on your own somehow just doesn’t work out. We want to be with fellow fans and we want to share in the excitement, the bitter disappointments and the expert opinions of enthusiastic fans. That is why so many people watch the world cup games in a pub. All the fans are united in their support of the Springboks, they are wearing their Springbok jerseys and they create an atmosphere of excitement and joviality.

Yes, it is much more fun to watch the world cup with friends and fellow fans. But what if you were able to watch all or any of the games live? What if you were able to travel and stay in luxury, to settle for only the very best tickets and to have the time of your life being part of the crowds at each of the magnificent stadiums? What if you could afford to take a few of your best buddies, all expenses paid, to the world cup?

Well, unless you are super rich already or unless you sell your house this type of dream will always just be a secret fantasy. Or would it? Here is another what if…

What if you win the lotto?

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So, think about the next world cup. There is cricket, the Olympics, soccer, grand Prix races and any other sport you can think of just round the corner. Take a chance on the lotto; who knows from where you will watch your next favourite sports match!


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