What if you win the lotto jackpot?


What will you do if you win the lotto jackpot?

Everyone dream about winning a really big lotto jackpot but for many of us these dreams are nothing but flights of fantasy. But there are lots of people that win the lotto jackpot. One of them can be you! Your chance of becoming an overnight multi-millionaire is as good as anyone’s. In the UK alone more than 3 700 people have become instant lotto millionaires since 1994. That is a lot of millionaires!

A Lotto Jackpot can change your Life!

It goes without saying that winning the lotto jackpot will change your life forever. Here is how the lives of some of the previous big winners have changed.

  • Deana Sampson, a single mother of two worked as a hairdresser and lived in a council house, struggling to make ends meet. Then she won the lotto jackpot of £5.43 million. She invested her winnings in successful online businesses and the restaurant industry. Today she has homes all over the world and live a life of luxury.

  • Brian Caswell was a retired engineer when he won a whopping lotto jackpot of £24.95 million in the Euromillions. He always dreamt of being able to help people less fortunate than himself. So, after seeing to it that his family will be financially secure for ever, he set up a charity that supports numerous worthwhile causes.

  • Matt Miles always dreamt of visiting exotic destinations but as a factory worker he thought that his dreams had no chance of ever coming true. Then he scooped a lotto jackpot of £1 million. He wasted no time in booking holidays in Indonesia, Ibiza, Italy and Brazil, sharing his good fortune with his friends by inviting them along.

  • Thea Bristow was forced to produce keyrings to scrape together a living for herself and her invalid husband. Then she won a lotto jackpot of £15 million. She set about securing the financial future of her children and grandchildren, took her scout team on a cross-continent trip and purchased a share of Torquay United, a football club that her beloved husband passionately supported. Thea sure made many people’s dreams come true!

There are many other lotto jackpot winners with inspiring stories. Maybe you should seriously consider this question: “What will I do if I win the lotto jackpot?”


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