The Truth: Fake Nice People versus Genuine People

What are Fake nice people?

Fake nice people are nice when it suits them. You never really know where you stand with them, because they fluctuate between being nice (when they want something) and being aloof. Genuine people are the salt of the earth and are trustworthy. You can believe what they say, whereas fake nice people always keep you guessing.


Fake Nice People: They show respect to people with power and that they perceive as successful.

Genuine People: They respect people, animals and life in general.


Fake Nice People: These people will do anything to be liked by others. They will tell you what they think you want to hear, even if they believe the contrary. They try very hard to make everybody like them, but usually it has the opposite effect.

Genuine People: They are themselves and do not go out of their way to make others like them.


Fake Nice People: They are desperate for attention and will do anything to be noticed.

Genuine People: They do not consciously try to get noticed.

Show off

Fake Nice People: These are the true braggers. When they have done something special, they let everybody know about it. They are even worse when they get the latest funky gadget, fashion accessories and car. They believe that they will be respected and like for what they have.

Genuine People: They take their achievements and successes in their stride and do not broadcast their good fortune to all the world. Genuine people do not need to show off and they do not build their self-confidence on frivolous gadgets and things.


Fake Nice People: They hardly ever keep the promises they make. Fake nice people make a lot of commitments, but they seldom keep them.

Genuine People: They do their utmost best to live up to their promises. They can be relied upon in difficult times.

The main difference between genuine people and fake nice people is the fact that genuine people are comfortable in their own skins and they respect others not for what they have, but for who they are.


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