The low-down on the OZ lotto

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The BEST TIPS on the OZ lotto

The OZ lotto may not be the biggest of the huge lotteries but it is immensely popular, and not just with Australians. Since the OZ lotto opened for citizens of other countries online entries by non-Australians have quickly outstripped domestic sales.

A quick guide to the OZ lotto

The OZ lotto, just like the Ozzies themselves, is not complicated. Here are the basics:

  • Entries cost a very affordable $1.20 each.

  • To enter, you need to choose seven numbers from a possible pool of 45. With such a small pool of possible numbers the OZ lotto offer some of the very best odds when compared with the other huge lottos. The smaller the pool of possible number, the better your chances of winning. No other huge lotto offers only 45 possible numbers and no other lotto allow entrants to choose seven numbers from such a small pool.

  • The OZ lotto offers seven prize divisions. You will win a prize if you have only three numbers and one supplementary number correct.

  • Draws take place every Tuesday. The jackpot is always a guaranteed $2 million but over reaches a staggering $50 million or even higher.

If you want to enter the OZ lotto all you have to do is register. If you do it through a reputable licensed site such as your once-off registration will also allow you to enter any of the other large lottos. Registration is 100% free and takes no more than 5 minutes of your time. Entering the OZ lotto online holds many benefits. First of all, you cannot lose your ticket. If you win a prize, you will automatically be notified via email. Also, there are lots of practical advice and tips on how to increase your chances of winning in the OZ lotto. All free of charge!

So, what are you waiting for? Register and enter the OZ lotto today. If you do not take positive action yourself your dreams will remain dreams forever and ever.

Oz lotto

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