The lost Lotto Ticket …

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I wonder what you would do if you lost your winning lotto ticket! I would love to be a fly on the wall to be part of the experience … a bad one, that is! 

Never let this happen to me…

The suspense of Friday has arrived. You can’t wait for the evening when the Lotto Winners will be announced. You heart is beating and your throat is dry. Maybe…just maybe, tonight will be your night.

Your row of numbers look good. A selection of all types of numbers. Some single figures, some in the twenties and one in the thirties with two in the forties.

You can taste your success…you dream about your winnings and how this is going to make life easier for you and your family.

At last it is 20:00 and you take your place in front of the television to check your numbers…without your ticket!

You rush to the room to find it …

No!!! Where is my ticket?

The entire contents of your handbag is on the floor, your drawers are open and clothes hang over the sides, your wardrobe is gaping at you with open doors and your dressing table is surrendering its contents to your frantic hands.

The ticket is nowhere to be found.

You run to the kitchen and stretch for the cookie jar. Nothing. You open the fridge and search…nothing.

You burst out in a cold sweat and flop down on the floor while you mind is running circles around your memory.

You can remember most of the numbers

The man on the television shouts out the numbers one by one. Your heart skips a beat, most of the numbers belong to you!

You have definitely won big time! If not the jackpot! You groan and close your eyes.

That little piece of paper has to be somewhere!

The only thing you can do is to report it as lost to the Lottery Office, with the name of the retailer you bought the ticket from and the approximate time (also the date). It will also help if you can write the numbers down somewhere. They are under no obligation to pay out your winnings, but it is worth a try!

So keep that little piece of paper safe…it could cost you more than a house in the end!



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