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How to plan a lotto strategy

Everyone dreams of winning the lotto but to do so you will need to plan some type of lotto strategy. You may think that it is enough to pick a series of random numbers and then hope for the best. Not so, say the experts. In fact there are numerous books and websites that propose various strategies that promises to increase your chances of winning a prize. It comes as no surprise to learn that the focus of all these strategies is the selection of numbers.

Lotto strategy pointers from experts and winners

  • Never base your numbers on birthdays, advise the experts. Why? Well, no birth date is bigger than 31 and this mean that your numbers will always exclude a significant set of numbers that are regularly drawn.
  • If you are on a limited budget, it is better to enter several times for a single draw than entering once for a number of draws. By entering several times for the same draw you have a bigger spread of numbers and the odds of winning is significantly improved.
  • Do a little bit of homework and try some of the methods supposedly guaranteed to increase your chances. Look at the Delta system, for example. Several big winners have stated that they used it. Go to for a step by step explanation. There are many other systems that are not free, but you need not fork out your hard earned cash to pay for a system that cannot possibly guarantee results.
  • There are several very large lotteries that are open to South Africans. Have a look at Obviously, the more you enter the bigger your chance. However, if you operate on a limited budget, it is better to enter the same lotto regularly than entering different lotteries every time.
  • All lotteries publish statistics. Have a look at especially the draw frequency statistics. These statistics list the frequency with which each number is drawn. This may help you to decide upon your own numbers.

And talking of statistics: the vast majority of big winners say that they followed a strategy and stuck with that strategy draw after draw.


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