Take a Superenalotto Winners Velfie!

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Win the SuperEnalotto and take a velfie

Velfies or video selfies are the latest social media hype and tech trend. If you win a lotto jackpot you can share a short video of the best moment of your life with the rest of the world. A velfie will capture the very instant your life changes for ever.

You can download user-friendly velfie apps. They differ in video length as well as editing and filtering capabilities. There’s only one rule: you should be in the video.

Fame and fortune

When you win a lotto jackpot you will be filthy, stinking rich. Share a velfie of you doing crazy cartwheels or fainting from shock when you realize your numbers are the lucky jackpot numbers. The velfie may just go viral and win you fame. Fame and fortune in one go – who dare ask for more?

Make the world jealous

Imagine people from all over the world watching your velfie over and over again, wishing they could be so lucky to have all their lotto dreams come true in one awesome lucky lotto jackpot draw.

Get your lotto ticket today, make sure you have what you need to take a velfie, and wait for the right moment to hopefully present itself. When things do work out in your favor and Lady Luck does smile upon you, video the second you wave goodbye to your poor self and embrace your super-duper wealthy self.

Stop dreaming and start playing

The SuperEnalotto is Italy’s domestic lottery game. There’s no restriction on how many times a SuperEnalotto jackpot can roll over – the main reason why ginormous jackpots can be won. Draws take place 3 times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. SuperEnalotto winnings are tax free. It pays out in a lump sum.

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