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Can I play the USA Lottery?

You can play the US Lotto if you are 18 years or older .
You can play Mega Millions USA Lottery even if you are not a resident or citizen of the United States.

•  You can play Mega Millions American Lottery from any part of the world, providing that the legislation of the country where you live does not prohibit online lottery ticket purchases.

•  The Mega Millions American Lottery is open to all and you can play online from where you are right now.

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Can non-US residents play Mega Millions American Lottery?

It has never been easier for anyone to play Mega Millions American Lottery. Non-US residents can play US Lottery and share in the chance to be the next US Lotto millionaire. By playing USA Lottery online, you are no longer limited to only the lottery of your own country. This may be the chance you have been waiting for.

Can non-US citizens win the USA Lottery?

Non-US citizens can play and legally win any prize in the Mega Millions American Lottery.When non-US citizens win the US Lotto, they claim their Mega Millions USA Lottery prize in the same way any American citizen would, but taxes payable would differ. The federal tax for non-US citizens winning Mega Millions American Lottery usually amounts to 30%, but tax on your USA Lottery winnings will depend on tax treaties between your own country and the US. For more detailed information on international tax codes regarding US Lotto winnings, please consult your local tax attorney.
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