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Go on, try again!

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), famous late Lebanese writer, once wrote a poem that can just as well be attributed to the life of a lotto player today:

In life, there is no going back – the road just goes straight ahead;

We can’t return along the track in search of what is dead;

Our mistakes we can’t undo and wishing is in vain;

But try to keep this truth in view:

You can always try again!


One UK Lottery Ticket can change your life!

When you buy one lotto ticket after the other without having any success, chance is you’re getting pretty fed up by now.  Take heart and don’t be despondent – perseverance wins… Just because you haven’t won some dough yet doesn’t mean you’re not going to be showered with cash in future!

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If you stop buying lotto tickets, you’ll definitely not win the lotto millions.  You can only win if you play the game.  When you buy a lotto ticket, you stand a definite chance to pocket the jackpot.  Yes, the odds may be stacked incredibly high against you… but someone has to win and it may just as well be you!

Previous lucky winners didn’t win because they’re special or different.  They didn’t win because they’re extraordinary lucky. They won because they simply took a chance.  Those ordinary, run-of-the-mill folks did exactly what you’re doing now.  They invested in a lotto ticket and hoped for the best.  Their numbers were called as the lucky numbers and they became instant multi-millionaires on the spot.  There’s no magic or hocus pocus behind it.  They just kept on trying!

She kept at it and won big

44-year old Kerry Poxon, a pharmacy assistant and single mom of two from Eastwood, Notts, won a cool £1,171,812 on the lotto.  Kerry bought the lucky lotto ticket, stuck it to her fridge and promptly forgot about it.  She only realized weeks later that she held the winning ticket.  The Big Win finally happened to her!

Buy your lotto ticket today.  If the Big Win can happen to Kerry Poxon, it may very well happen to you too.

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