One Lottery Ticket versus a Beer

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The difference between a Lottery Ticket and a Beer

A lottery ticket and a beer cost about the same amount of money. One beer, that is. Now, be honest –  the beer disappears in a few minutes, often leaving you with the desire for more. So, you fork out some more cash and buy another one. And … another one …

If you rather buy a lotto ticket with the money you would have spent on the first beer, you would have saved money already. Plus, you add calories if you drink beer, you may get a headache and you may even feel guilty because you spent good money on another few beers.

Invest in a Lottery Ticket

Rather than spending good money on the immediate gratification of a beer, invest the same amount in one or more Lottery Tickets.

You may not win the jackpot right away, but the chance of you winning at least one of the other prizes is a reality. If you have no lotto ticket, you cannot win any Lotto game.

For the price of 1 Lottery ticket, you may end up wealthier than you ever thought possible. You can then buy the house you have always dreamed about, start your own business, travel the world, get excellent health care and even that car you have always wanted.

ONE Lottery Ticket

Think about it. ONE Lotto ticket can make the difference between constant overdrafts and financial freedom. One Lottery ticket may afford you the chance to provide better for your loved ones and allow you to live the life you have always dreamed about.

Do not buy a Lotto Ticket if you do not want the chance to win Millions.

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