Need some Spending Money?


How to lay your hands on a fortune in spending money

For most of us money simply means paying the bills, buying essentials and keeping afloat from one day or month to the next. There are, of course, those fortunate few that are spending money on luxuries and vacations but for most of us the reality is that we have to work very hard and budget very carefully simply to survive. Spending money on non-essentials such as a holiday or even just a meal out requires careful planning and often even some sacrifices.

Wouldn’t you love having spending money rather than having to spend money?

Spending money is not the thing that people enjoy; it is having spending money to spoil yourself, improve your quality of life and to give your loved ones everything they need that is so enticing. We all dream of having enough money to stop worrying about surviving from day to day and to know that we are financially secure.

To get money you first need to be spending money!

We have all been told that to make money you first need to be spending money. So, if you do not have a lot of spending money you will need to discover a way of getting a lot of money by spending as little as possible. There is only one realistic way in which you can gain lots of money by spending very little.

Play the huge lottos

South Africans over the age of 18 can legally enter most of the world’s truly huge lottos. If you only have a little bit of money to spend, these huge lottos offer you your best chance of winning very large amounts of cash for that tiny initial investment. Many people never think of these huge lottos as a real chance of becoming rich because they think it is expensive. The good news is that they are not expensive to enter at all! The price for entering most of the very large lottos is less than the price of a magazine, a bottle of cheap wine or a very small take-away.

Think about it: your only real chance of having virtually unlimited spending money lies in spending a very small amount of money on a lotto ticket.

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