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How will you spend YOUR Mega Millions?

A marvelous way to kill time has always been to ask people what they would do if they were to win a million dollars. With the USA Mega Millions lottery the question and answer just got bigger. For a mere dollar you enter yourself into a draw that potentially can reward you with a jackpot of many millions of dollars. Like the saying goes, reach for the stars and you may reach the trees, the same goes for mega millions. Looking back at the jackpot analysis for August 18 2015, there was one winner that had five numbers that matched the drawn numbers and that person received a million dollars. There were twenty four winners of a $5000 prize and hundreds of thousands of people won their money back.

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When you play USA Mega Millions, you have the option of getting the prize in a cash lump sum, or to get thirty annual payments. If you were a jackpot winner that translates into a salary of over a million dollars per year for the next thirty years! Now the question from above expands to what would you do with over a million dollars per year? My mind boggles when I think about what I will do with my mega millions. To be invested with the power to dispense of that much money is nothing short of a miracle.

Remember, the jackpot prize is drawn randomly with the numbers being impersonal and objective. Any person who holds a mega millions lottery ticket is eligible for winning the big prize. However, there is no chance for you to win this prize if you do not purchase at least a one dollar ticket for a chance to win. Now think about what you can actually do with a dollar. Not much. A dollar can buy you … well nothing much that I can think of right now. The fact is, if you put in a dollar a week for a chance to win for every draw, what will you be losing? Or conversely, don’t you stand to lose a lot more when you don’t play?


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