Lotto Lucky Ticket Win!

Bread, Milk and a Lotto Lucky Ticket Win!

Lucky Ticket Couple went home £100,000 richer

Many punters buy lotto tickets when they stock up on a pint of milk and a loaf of bread on their way home after a day of hard work. Oligert and Jurgena Kadriu Jurgena from Stratford-upon-Avon bought a National Lottery £4 Million Purple Scratch Card at their local One Stop when they popped out for milk and bread. They went home £100,000 richer thanks to the lucky ticket.

Oligert reportedly stated: “I can’t believe that I just popped into the shop to get milk and some bread and now I have a load of dough!  £100,000 worth of dough to be exact – it feels fantastic.”  I bet it does!

Take a chance – they did!

You don’t consider yourself to be a lucky person at all and have never won as much as a fiver in your life. You only play lotto because deep down you enjoy indulging in a flight of fancy every now and then. It’s nice to forget all your troubles and imagine yourself a lucky lotto winner, having all that money to do with as you please.

If the Kadriu’s didn’t take a chance and bought a lotto scratch card, they wouldn’t have won. The money would’ve gone to the next person who took a chance and bought the lucky ticket. How wonderful to know dreams do come true! Treat yourself to a lotto ticket today and keep on dreaming big. The lucky ticket is out there.

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