Is it possible to play lotto smart?

How to really play lotto smart

You can increase your chances of winning big if you play lotto smart. Most people think that everything is purely up to chance but many experts and previous winners say that there are quite a few things that you can do to play lotto smart and to increase your chances. Here are some of the most oft offered pieces of advice and tips.

  1. Play lotto smart online. When you play the lotto online you have distinct advantages. Firstly, you have all the previous draw statistics at your fingertips. Secondly, licensed sites such as contain lots of advice and tips that may just give you an edge. Anyway, playing online is easy and convenient and you qualify for free tickets and all sorts of other valuable prizes.

  2. Play lotto smart with a system. The vast majority of previous winners consistently used the same system to choose their numbers. Even a very cursory online search will reveal that there are many systems available free of charge. Beware of sites that make extravagant promises and that require payment, however! Choose a system and use it consistently. If it does not work for you after several entries, try another system.

  3. Choose your favourite lottos carefully. Most of us ordinary people cannot afford to play more than one or two lottos regularly. There are many huge lottos to choose from and you may find it difficult to choose a particular one. The important fact is that you should play your chosen lotto regularly and not jump from one lotto to another every time you wish to enter. Consider factors such as the size of the jackpots on offer, the frequency with which draws take place and the number of levels on which payouts are made.

There are no guarantees that you will become an instant millionaire. However, if you play lotto smart you can increase your chances of winning a large prize. Lotto tickets are affordable and where else will you ever stand a chance of becoming fabulously rich for such a small investment?

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