How to win big with OZ Lotto

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For truly massive payouts why not consider the Oz Lotto?

Did you know that South Africans can legally, easily and cheaply enter the giant Oz Lotto? Why would you want to do such a thing? Just consider these few facts about the Oz Lotto.


  • The Ozzies do everything big. They walk big, talk big, farm big and they play really big rugby and cricket. The Oz Lotto is big too! Every draw (done on Tuesdays) is guaranteed to be at least AUS $2 million. This is never the case, though. It is much much bigger than that. Jackpots routinely reach amounts of $50 million and more. Think about it: $50 million is more than R500 million. With this kind of money in the bank there is no way you will ever worry about money again.
  • Entering the Oz Lotto is affordable. You can enter with as little as $1.20. Even better, you can enter as part of a syndicate and you can enter whenever you wish.
  • The Oz Lotto is transparent and the rules are straight forward. Do yourself a favour and look at You will see that you are even able to calculate the odds of winning. The site also offers statistics regarding winning entries and payout amounts. The rules are simple and clear.
  • The Oz Lotto is underwritten and registered by the Australian government. And yes, South Africans may play legally. Winners are notified immediately and there is no delay or complicated procedures to follow in order to lay your hands on your winnings.
  • Getting in on the action is free and easy. Simply visit their website ( and follow the easy instructions on how to register for free. You only have to do this once.
  • If you do not win the jackpot all is not lost. The Oz Lotto offers fourteen prize winning levels and winners in each category can expect a handsome payout.

We all have big dreams but unless you stand to inherit a fortune your best chance of becoming super rich is to win the lotto. And if you are going to spend a few rand on the chance of realizing your wildest dreams, why not spend it on a really big lotto, such as the Oz Lotto? What have you got to lose?

Oz lotto

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