How to invest your Megamillions

Invest in your Future with your Megamillions Jackpot Prize

You have won the Jackpot! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…or ‘Jack sits in the pot’ of gold.  Your future depends on how you are going to invest the best! If you are careful and wise you will be able to have a comfortable life until you come to the end of your journey here on earth. It all depends on your choices and discipline.

Brains and reins – Pull them in!

Pull in the reins. Don’t go on a gallop and invest all your money in the first best option. Use your brains…and the brains of others who are trained and experienced in the field of investments. If you have no idea of investments, employ the help of those who do! You have nothing to lose and much to gain…even if the consultation will cost you a penny plus.

One sure principle is to keep money out for necessities. Don’t invest your entire Megamillions Jackpot into one option. Open a savings account and put money in for some luxuries and the things you may or may not need right away. Pay yourself, spoil yourself and take your time to investigate every available option which will double your investment.

Another principle is to pay off your debt first, before thinking about investing. It is no use investing your Jackpot when the interest on your debt exceeds the interest you will be earning on your investment. This is the same principle as the blind leading the blind.

Learn to earn

Make sure you find out everything you can about possible investments. Let a professional do the sums for you, as I have mentioned before! It is worth the effort and expense.

Educate yourself. Learn as much as you can. It is said that Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors ever, read every investment book he could lay his hands on before he turned twenty. Buffet reckons he read about 100 investment books! From this we can see that you need to be educated in investments to enable smart choices and decisions.

Reality and ramifications

The reality of winning the Megamillions Jackpot is that it will probably only happen once in your lifetime. To avoid ramifications and losing most of what you were lucky to win, you need to think, learn, ask, investigate and play it safe! The old saying ‘rather safe than sorry’ is true in many situations in life. Winning the Megamillions Jackpot is life changing, but can also be life threatening…it all depends on you.

Good luck and enjoy the ride! 

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