How to choose the BEST Lotto Numbers

Tips to help you choose the best lotto numbers

Oh, to win the lotto! Even better: imagine winning one of the giant jackpots routinely paid by those giant European and American lottos! (You DO know, of course, that South Africans can legally enter these mammoth lotteries? You can play right here! But how to choose the best lotto numbers? That is the question so many ask themselves. Take a look at the pointers discussed here.

Use the statistics

Just about every big lotto publishes statistics. One statistic is the number frequency. This means that the frequency with which each number has been drawn is listed. Studying the frequency statistics can be worth the effort and the further back you study them the better. There are two schools of thought. 1). Choose your numbers from among those that are drawn most frequently and 2). Choose your numbers from those that are seldom drawn. This may sound like contradictory advice, but think about it. It is only chance that determines the numbers being drawn. There is no formula such as one will find with a gambling machine. There is no explanation why certain numbers are drawn more frequently than others, so it may be wise to simply follow the trend. On the other hand, one may reason that just because the numbers are drawn randomly, pure statistical theory and the law of averages demand that those numbers that have not been drawn previously are due to make an appearance!

Trust your lucky numbers

Oh, come on! We all have lucky numbers. Numerologists believe that every person has some numbers that influence their lives negatively or positively. You may pooh-pooh this idea but even some eminent mathematicians believe in such theories. So, think in terms of numbers. There are important dates, ages, scores and counts. Think about them, meditate on them. Who knows, those significant numbers may just be significant again!

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