How to be a Mega Sena Lotto Winner

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Positive thinking and unlimited dreaming may land you mega-bucks in the next Mega Senna Lotto draw.

The Mega Sena Lotto

The Mega Sena Lotto of Brazil is the leading lottery in South America. The lottery operator is the Caixa Economica Federal Bank. Draws take place bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Numbers are drawn from two spinning drums – one containing the numbers 0-5 and the other one numbers 0-9. Numbers from each drum are combined as they are drawn to form six 2-digit numbers up to 60.  No limits are placed on how high the Mega Seno Lotto jackpot can climb.  Winners have 90 days to claim their prizes.

The biggest Mega Sena lotto jackpot pay-out to date was in 1999 when an anonymous player from Salvador pocketed a massive R$64.9 million.

Strategies that may make you a Mega Sena Lotto winner

  • Stay positive and focused. Your chances of winning on a lottery are naught when you don’t purchase a ticket.  When you buy a ticket, you actually do stand a chance of winning big.
  • Visualize your end goal. Imagine picking the lucky numbers and winning the jackpot.
  • Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Amazing things happen to those that refuse to give up.
  • Be consistent. Participate in every draw or at least buy a ticket for one draw each week.
  • Be prepared. Don’t be caught off-guard if you win.  Plan ahead what you will do with the money.
  • Enjoy the game. Have fun and enjoy the excitement when draws take place.
  • Don’t stop playing. Don’t stop playing if you never seem to win anything.  You may have better luck next time.

Famous Life-Changing Quotes

Samuel Johnson once said:  “Your aspirations are your possibilities.”

This is so true!  If you dream big and work hard to fulfill your ambitions, success may follow sooner than you think.  Your dreams and aspirations are what distinguish you from others.  If you are content living life as you know it, chances are you will still be living the same old safe and boring life in years to come.  Dare to dream a little.  You may be destined for great things.  Believe in yourself!  You may very well be the next uber-lucky Mega Sena Lotto jackpot winner.

Norman Vincent Peale once said:  “The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.”

Go ahead. Try that today. Smile at other people and see how they react.  Most will spontaneously return your smile.  Think happy and positive thoughts and experience your life being flooded with positive energy.



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