How to afford your Dream Vacation

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For me, my dream vacation is a no-brainer. I don’t have to think for long, it’s quite a simple answer. As a mother of two, I would love nothing more than to take my children away to the Americas. Start by flying into New York, and spend a few days exploring the Big Apple. Take a carriage ride through Central Park, catch the ferry to look at the Statue of Liberty. Brave the subway for a station or two.

Then catch a plane, and disembark in Orlando, Florida. Spend two weeks in Walt Disney World, taking in the atmosphere, take a spin on as many rides as time permits, watch the parade, kiss Mickey on his cheek and wave at the Princesses before going to the Miami docks and catching a luxury Cruise liner, en route to the Caribbean islands.

See Jamaica, Nassau, and maybe even St Barts. Spot dolphins skimming the waves, relax next to the pool. Sip margheritas, dress for dinners, dance in the discoteque. Sit at the Captains table, and eat as much as we can!

Then eventually, tanned, relaxed, and blissful, we will dock again and spend another two nights exploring the Miami coastline.

Finally, we will head off to the airport. Board our plane and head back home. As I lay my head back on my seat and drift into sheer blissful sleep, my alarm clock shrieks in my ear! What?? No Big Apple? No hunky waiters on the Cruise liner? Why oh why didn’t I play the lotto! Now I am reminded WHY I cannot miss even one single chance to strike it lucky!

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