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Something you might not have known – Powerball

Believe it or not – there was an unclaimed Powerball ticket in South Africa, Pretoria. The ticket was worth R30 Million.

Due to the fact that the ticket had been floating for a year, the owner of the ticket had lost all the prize money.

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Even though the ticket itself is only a tiny piece of paper – it could literally be anywhere. It could be under the bed, behind the couch or even in the winner’s back pocket. The player may not even know that he/she was a winner. I would NOT want to be in the shoes of that person when/if they found out that they had lost R30 Million. It might be better if they never realize that they had a winning ticket.

The ticket was bought for the Powerball draw that took place on 17th August, 2010.

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The reason why the winnings cannot be claimed anymore is because players only have 365 days from the day that the draw took place to claim their prize. Luck is a strange thing is it not? It gives a lot, and clearly it takes a lot.

Spokesperson for the National Lottery’s Operator, Thembi Tulwana said that the winnings were forfeited on the 17th of August, 2011.

She also said that the money will be used for marketing as well as other jackpots.

Powerball was hopeful that the winner would come forward to claim their prize – but this unfortunately did not happen in time.

The winning lottery numbers for that draw were as follows: 11, 17, 30, 35, 45 and the Powerball number was 20.

Isn’t it why we all buy the tickets in the first place; hoping to someday win the big one? It is so sad to know that the winner of that jackpot might someday read this article and remember to check the ticket that he bought 4 years ago – that might still be in his wallet – and realize that he won and lost R30 Million without ever seeing a penny.

Do not let this be your tragedy.

Happy betting!


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