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How to get a Successful Life

Do you want a successful life? First of all, you have to determine what exactly you classify as success. For some people it may mean being wealthy, for others it may be to leave a legacy they are proud of. Whatever your definition of success, be clear about what you want and why you want […]

Tips to have a Happy 2017

How to get a Happy 2017  Are you bombarded with so many distractions in your daily life that you hardly keep track of your dreams and goals? Are your anxiety levels soaring and your quality of life going down the drain? If you answered yes to these questions, you need to take a look at […]

How to figure out USA Powerball Number Patterns

Play US Powerball and other World Lottos here right NOW! Is it possible to learn the pattern of the numbers in USA Powerball? Each participant playing the USA Powerball purchases a ticket. Each player has to select a set of five numbers from a set that starts at 1 and goes up to 59. These […]

Love, lotto and MegaMillions!

Play Lucky MegaMillions Online right NOW!   Love, lotto and MegaMillions! Can you imagine finding and marrying your soul mate? Ok, now imagine doing this and winning the lotto a few weeks after your wedding. Yes, it sounds like something that only happens in movies and will never happen to you. However, this is exactly […]

The US Powerball Dream

You can play US Powerball online NOW! You will hear the words “nothing is impossible” every single day of your life. If you put the effort in, you can achieve anything. Does this imply to the US Powerball as well? Or is winning this lottery an impossible dream? To win the lotto, you need nothing […]

My Mega Millions

  How will you spend YOUR Mega Millions? A marvelous way to kill time has always been to ask people what they would do if they were to win a million dollars. With the USA Mega Millions lottery the question and answer just got bigger. For a mere dollar you enter yourself into a draw […]