HUGE Lottos

How to play the SuperEna Max lotto

How to play the SuperEna Max lotto for a WIN The SuperEna Max lotto is the biggest in Italy and one of the world’s truly huge lottos. The minimum jackpot is €1.3 million but has been as big as €177 million in the past! Other than most of the other huge lotteries that offer a […]

Take a Superenalotto Winners Velfie!

Win the SuperEnalotto and take a velfie Velfies or video selfies are the latest social media hype and tech trend. If you win a lotto jackpot you can share a short video of the best moment of your life with the rest of the world. A velfie will capture the very instant your life changes […]

Take a Chance on Lotto NOW!

Why not take a chance on a fabulous future? When you enter the lotto you take a chance. You take a chance on all your dreams coming true. You take a chance on becoming super-rich. You take a chance on securing the financial future of yourself and all your loved ones forever. Considering the fact […]

Just one ticket …

One ticket, just one ticket, can make all your dreams come true One ticket. That is the only thing that each and every previous huge lotto winner have in common. They won with one ticket. Was it the only or first ticket they ever purchased? No, probably not. But is certainly was that one ticket […]

What would you do to watch the world cup live?

  Imagine being at the Rugby World Cup … The rugby world cup has just kicked off and millions of South African fans are looking forward to seeing the best of the best fight it out for the number one spot. The Springboks are widely recognized as one of the best teams in the world […]

The low-down on the OZ lotto

The BEST TIPS on the OZ lotto The OZ lotto may not be the biggest of the huge lotteries but it is immensely popular, and not just with Australians. Since the OZ lotto opened for citizens of other countries online entries by non-Australians have quickly outstripped domestic sales. A quick guide to the OZ lotto […]

What to do with Your Lotto Jackpot

What Will You Do With Your Jackpot? We all dream of the things we would like to do the day our ship comes in and we win the jackpot. Whether you play once a year, once a month, or make sure that you have a ticket for every jackpot draw, we always have that one […]

How to increase your chances of winning the lotto

How to increase your chances of winning the lotto The ability to legally enter many of the world’s largest lotteries is exciting news to many South Africans. And to think that it is so easy to enter on-line: all you have to do is register and you are ready to become an overnight millionaire. Best […]

My Mega Millions

  How will you spend YOUR Mega Millions? A marvelous way to kill time has always been to ask people what they would do if they were to win a million dollars. With the USA Mega Millions lottery the question and answer just got bigger. For a mere dollar you enter yourself into a draw […]

Are you the next Lotto Millionaire?

Why can’t the next lotto millionaire be you? Becoming an instant lotto millionaire must be the fondest dream of millions of people all over the world. For many this dream does not just remain a dream: it becomes reality. Each year the various huge lotteries in America and Europe pay billions in prize money to […]